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Welcome to the Rural Development (RD) Dataset Website.  In an attempt to support the Open Government Initiative and build a more transparent government, RD is offering the following datasets for public use:




Multi-Family Housing


Single Family Housing Data
Community Facilities Data

RD Obligation and Disbursements

O&D - 03-31-16 |  File Description

RD Obligation and Disbursements (Non Stimulus)

File Description

RD Obligations by Location RD Obligations 2014
Resale Properties (Real Estate Owned)

Resale (REO) |  File Description

Resale Properties (Foreclosure)

Resale (FCL) |  File Description

Property Ineligibility - Rural Business Services (RBS)

RBS Ineligibility

Property Ineligibility -Broadband

Broadband Ineligibility

Property Ineligibility - Intermediary Relending Program  (IRP)

REDL Ineligibility

Property Ineligibility - Water & Environmental Program (WEP)

WEP Ineligibility

Property Ineligibility - Single and MultiFamily Housing (SFH/MFH)

SFH/MFH Ineligibility



Multi-Family Management (MFM) is a Multi-Family Housing (MFH) line of business that contains four subsystems:

  • Automated Multi-Family Account System (AMAS) - an online transaction entry and inquiry financial and accounting system. 

  • Multi-Family Information System (MFIS) - an online intranet application used by Rural Housing Service (RHS) personnel to input/query and report on project and tenant related information.  MFIS also contains the module Prepayment Tracking/Concurrence (PRE-TRAC) which allows processing/tracking of Multi-Family Housing Prepayment requests.

  • Management Agent Interactive Network Connection System (MINC) - an online application that allows RD borrowers and management agents to manage rural rental housing and farm labor housing projects. 

  • Multi-Family Support used in servicing MFH loans and grants.

Last update:  08/21/2020
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